Sagittarius babies horoscope

These smiley little clowns will delight in discovering new things.

The Most Difficult Zodiac Sign Children To Raise

Keep your valuables out of reach and out of sight, or Sag will soon be chewing on them. Independent and outgoing, this social sign thrives when surrounded by kids their age. Smothering them with affection or watching their every move will cause them to pull away from you.

Give them their space, but check in on them regularly. They also love to learn, so give them plenty of books and educational toys.

Forget about the fussy outfits. Stick to wash-and-wear only.

Sagittarius Girl Personality Traits

Send them to overnight camp as early as you can. Take them to a petting zoo and give books with animated animal characters. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth-teller and will instantly lose trust and respect for you if you try to pull a fast one on them.

Sagittarius Kids & Babies' Clothes

While at school, the Sagittarians are the sports stars and you will see them involved in lot of sports and games than their studies. They are also prone to accidents which arise from these and you should discourage your child if you see them take up a dangerous sport or stunt.

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Teach your Sagittarius kids the value of money and be watchful as their generous nature can lead to a lot of expenses. Indian baby names, Hindu baby names Indian names.

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