December 2 total lunar eclipse astrology

Solar eclipse July can make your dreams come true through patience, open-mindedness, and hard work. I remember the reverent silence that befell every one of us, as the Moon blocked out more and more of the Sun, as if our voices had been fed by the waning sunlight…the traffic in the busy streets had been frozen, as if by magic a true miracle in Rio, repeated only during World Cup games. Thank you Jamie.

I love your articles. I look at a few different astrology blogs regularly, and your explanations are always my favorite. Maybe you can fix that. Hello Jamie. This Eclipse was NOT nice. It unearthed much of what was hidden or not quite clearly visible. Now, afterwards, I am left with who lied and is still continually lying without fessing up to anything.

There is one central figure in this whole thing. I would hope that he will finally trip up and take big fall. He has set people against each other -even marriage partners- for his own gain. Divide and conquer. In fact, when reading the intro to this eclipse I thought I had misunderstood the meaning of it. So positive and forwards looking. Here is no forwards until the backwards gets cleared up. As difficult as it may be, try to let go of all past malicious actions.

My birthday was on the 2nd. The next day I ended an extremely toxic relationship I had tried for years to save, while losing myself doing so. I will always love him. My nephew got into a severe car accident when this solar moon quincunx his natal Uranus in Capricorn 13 degrees 3rd house , quincunx his natal mars 6 degrees Ophiuchus in 1st house and squared his natal vesta 19degrees Virgo in 10th house. Sorry to hear about the dramatic developments. This is not the case here.

I am not involved with these people, just resented the senseless attempt at confusion and lies. Precluding this was a case of fraud with another apartment on the other side of town. A guy from Kurdistan. It took three years of legal to straighten this out and get the money back. Fortunately two weeks later the thing is cut and dried as far as I am concerned.

Lunar Eclipse December 2010 – Ball Breaker

Have had astro advice all along with the former apartment. The Kurd tried suing me after breaking into my apartment, setting someone on me as well. I almost ended up on the street as through leaving that apartment and finding another was great confusion. Yesterday was able to quickly and easily answer a question relevant to the situation here with no resultant inward earthquake.

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Also for Trump. Finally this solar eclipse has rebooted my life completely got an offer from a published content writing agency to write for them on huge pay i am just feeling great jamie. Menu Skip to content.

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! New Era for Everyone! Astrology for Dec 31 - Jan6

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June 21, August 2, Jamie Partridge. Really interesting!. Thank you so much for putting these out there. Finally this solar eclipse has rebooted my life completely got an offer from a published content writing agency to write for them on huge pay i am just feeling great jamie Reply.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This free flowing energy has no obstacles or corners to contend with and therefore She will appear larger and brighter than usual earning her the title of 'Super Moon'. The Full Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini can bring an important message, announcement or idea. Projects involving communication, study or writing may come to completion or the rewards reaped for hard work and achievements in these areas. Mercury retrograde has a reputation for bringing about misunderstandings and glitches with travel plans and technology. However, the purpose of this cycle is to prompt us to go over old ground in order to perfect and improve what we have already created or achieved.

The orbit of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun in two places Northern and Southern hemisphere and these points are called the Nodes of the Moon. The North Node head of the Dragon is an indicator of our life lessons and challenges representing our Karmic objectives and soul growth and evolution. The South Node tail of the Dragon represents our comfort zone and reflects life challenges we have overcome and Karmic lessons we have learnt in past lives.

Therefore our South Node reveals how we are equipped to face the Karmic objectives of our current life. The placement of the Nodes in our Birth Charts by zodiac sign and house, reveals the nature and area of life in which we need to develop and achieve our soul quest and conquer our Karmic challenges. The light of the Sun our ego self and public image will be momentarily blocked out by the Moon our intuitive shadow self.

This will create a portal for a magical transformation to take place surrounding our identity and self expression. The ancients believed that when the Sun reappeared again following the eclipse it would shine brighter than before. The eclipse will prompt us to reveal more of our hidden self, so that we shine brighter by presenting our true authentic self and who we really are. Full Moons bring clarity and illumination and in Aquarius we may experience surprising revelations and unexpected prompts to nudge us back onto our true path.

This Full Moon Lunar eclipse will highlight our need for freedom and to be unique, but also to allow others the freedom to walk their own unique path too. The theme of a Full Moon is to let go of that which no longer serves its purpose and the Aquarian Full Moon will act as an Awakener, bringing opportunities to release our negative emotions of anger, jealousy, hurt and fear in preparation for the fresh start offered by the magical New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 21st August. Your rising sign or ascendant is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born.

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It is the lens through which you see the world. The rising sign is specific to the time and place of your individual birth and is considered, in Astrology, to be as important and significant as the Sun and Moon signs because all other aspects of the birth chart are filtered through this sign. This first New Moon will be very powerful in it's own right for setting your intentions, taking initiative and putting your ideas into action as it is joined by fiery Mars, the warrior planet.

Mars will bring drive, assertiveness and enthusiasm. Wherever Leo resides in your birth chart highlights where you are most creative, proud, ambitious and bold.