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The strongest interactions are born through a connection. This is a great energy, concentration at one point. Strength, energy, action. If the planet is from the sun at a distance of 3 degrees, then it is considered burned. As a result of an exact connection with the Sun, something new, a synthetic action, arises.

The planet in conjunction with the Sun - the world perceives differently, an independent impulse through the Sun. The planet is captured by the energy of the Sun. Affected planets - in astrology, the affected is a planet that has many tense aspects in the horoscope. A planet with tense aspects always creates difficulties that need to be overcome. If you have very tense planets in your horoscope, it is believed that certain karmic tasks are set before you. In order for a person to notice these tasks, fate places certain obstacles in his way, overcoming which, the person solves the specified problems.

It happens that a person does not want to solve these problems, or postpones them for later, and then he is surprised - why is he so unlucky in something? Then these unfulfilled tasks are transferred to subsequent incarnations, and your soul is born with an increased burden of problems. A severe defeat of the planets means that your karmic debts are very high, and some of the obstacles will necessarily be presented in the form of suffering and strong restrictions - physical or moral.

But, as they say, everyone is given as much as he can bear. Therefore, the highly affected planets in the horoscope can symbolize a high soul, which has outlined a great work for itself in this embodiment. And here it depends on the person - to overcome obstacles, to become a high soul, or to break from the failures that he creates for himself. In any case, the defeat of the planets means an alternative: either work, or suffering and limitations.

If the defeat is severe, the restrictions will be mandatory, but the person has certain opportunities to overcome them. Tense aspects - tense aspects black are aspects of conflicts, destruction of the old, dynamics; they require a great deal of effort on the part of a person, but they can be actively developed. There are obvious and hidden tensions. Explicit strained aspects.

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If the planets are confronted with an accuracy of 0. The opposition is an obvious major aspect, corresponds to the element of Fire. The opposition gives confrontation, rebellion, a pronounced conflict, puts a person in front of the problem of choice. If the Sun is in opposition to Uranus, then this is a struggle between one's ego and the desire for change, a person is drawn to innovations, reforms, freedom, but the primary self-determination of the Sun in man causes a mutiny, a rift, a conflict that is constantly manifested.

On a man with the Yin cosmogram, this aspect has a serious effect: internal and external discord. Jahn man is in his element, in overcoming opposites, in the struggle he enjoys. If Mars is in opposition to Venus, then there is dissatisfaction in love. Opposition refers to the ever burning, constantly acting fire, this aspect is constantly acting.

The aspect of quadrature in the form of manifestation is discrete, major, intermittent, corresponds to the elements of Air unsteady element.

The quadrature is an unstable, sudden aspect, manifests itself sharply, in a person forms disturbing feelings, gives conflicts, sudden outbursts of unbalance, tension. A person can do anything in the name of some business, but can easily and unexpectedly get out of the situation. The square can be perceived by us as a stronger aspect than the opposition because of the suddenness of manifestation. Opposition gives a stronger result, but quadrature is perceived more strongly because of the unpreparedness of our consciousness to accept an unexpected situation.

On quadratures, one can very much live and even live well, although life will proceed in tension.

Hidden tense aspects. The semiquad. A semiquad - a hidden, minor, tense, discreetly manifested aspect, contributes to the creation of an energy field of a certain medium. This field acts on us destructively, if the planets in the semi-square are not strong. At the same time, through the semi-square one can perceive ideas that "float in the air.

In an evil planet, no aspect can be good, good. The half-torus corresponds to the elements of the Earth, this is a powerful, minor, but hidden aspect.

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Half-rootkit gives a secret undermining of the roots, secret hidden blows, return of situations; a person closes at a certain level. In character, a half-cycle gives a secret struggle, the ability to return back to certain problems, a person has a constant internal tension, a sense of inevitability of strikes, which are sometimes perceived as greatly exaggerated. It's bad when a half-root is connected with evil planets. This gives revenge, persecution, obsessions and phobias, to which a person constantly returns. At best, this is an aspect of a secret, constant struggle, the undermining of unnecessary foundations among revolutionaries , the aspect of a return to the sources.

The more hidden aspects in the cosmogram, the more a person unconscious acts in the life the moon controls the sphere of the subconscious.

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If a tense aspect clearly prevails in the map, it is more likely that it is precisely the tense aspects that will be a source of constructive change in human life however, the changes themselves will not necessarily go smoothly , and harmonious aspects can simply go unnoticed. If the dominant aspect is harmonious, then the tense aspects will carry with them only problems, and all positive changes will be determined by harmonious aspects. Zodiac, the sign of the Zodiac - the cosmic reference system of "solar birth signs," symbolizing life characteristics.

The astrological Zodiac is an imaginary circle that travels around the Earth in the plane of the ecliptic. Its first point is 0 degrees Aries, where the circles of the Ecliptic and the Equator intersect. Zodiac signs characterize the Earth's position in space, i. Signs emit energy, and planets are its amplifiers and transducers.

Earth and man on it are the focus of the action of these energies. Ophiuchus is a sign of transformation, transition to a new qualitative level of development. Finding a planet in any sign means that the characteristics of the planet are affected by the features of this sign, the characteristics of the planet is manifested with a certain coloring. For example, the Moon in Libra means that your subconscious will be influenced by the characteristic of the sign of Libra. And if Jupiter is in Cancer, then your character will be affected by the characteristic of the sign of Cancer.

Houses - The sectors of the sky from I to XII, which determine which spheres of life are influenced by the location of the planets. The houses of the horoscope their location on the map depend on the time and place of birth. The location of the planets in the Houses gives a unique individual structure of destiny. The position of the planets in the Signs is the totality of the soul accumulated in the past, and its current Destiny is determined precisely by the position of the planets in the Houses.

The figures of Jones - a certain distribution configuration of the planets along the zodiacal circle influencing the psychology of man. When determining the figures of Jones, astrologers use only 10 planets. Each configuration total 8 corresponds to a certain type of psychological orientation. Asc - Ascendant - a point rising at the moment of birth on the zodiacal circle, crossing the horizon line. Opposite to Descendant. IC - Imum Coeli - The depth of the Sky, Nadir is the point of the ecliptic, which at the moment of the birth of the person is in the lower culmination of the ecliptic, that is, the point of intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial meridian from the north side.

The term is applied to the cusp of the fourth house. This is the lowest and deepest point of the horoscope. The sun reaches it at midnight. She opposes Zenith. Dsc - Descendant - entering at the time of birth point on the zodiacal circle, the ecliptic intersection with the horizon on the west side. Opposite to the Ascendant. MC - Medium Coeli - Middle of the sky, Zenith - the point of intersection of the ecliptic and the meridian of the given place. The highest degree of the Horoscope, the southernmost point, the top of the X-th house.

She confronts Nadir. For example, the X-th house in Capricorn means that when you reach the goal you show the qualities inherent in the sign of Capricorn. And if the VI-th house, say, in Gemini, then your function will be influenced by the sign of Gemini. All aspects are conductors of planetary energies. Each aspect has its own specifics of energy transfer. The relationship can be damning when the plans are implemented in the enjoyment of their positive qualities, and the negative, when the planes exacerbate the behavior of their own detrimental properties. Almuten lord is the true ruler of the House.

This is the planet that controls the sign, which turned out to be in this House. A charioteer Persian Nimodar after the Sun is a planet that is born after the Sun. The role of such a planet is to direct the development of the Spirit. A charioteer, however, can manifest itself as a decelerating factor that destroys in man the attitudes that impede the development of the Spirit. It is necessary to evaluate the quality of the planet - the Charioteer, the planet in exile, the fall can manifest as destructive indicators in spiritual development, in life in general.

The charioteer shows that the person has already been worked out in the past, which he considers to be a step already passed. This is an incentive for self-assertion of the individual, its support and foundation. A charioteer is a planet in whose functions a person is least ready to sacrifice in his life. This planet is for him, as it were, an invaluable treasure; it directs the path of the Sun, it carries, on it lies the whole burden of the road ahead. Therefore, this is the gold reserve of each person.

This is the trump card in your hands, which you cherish until the last moment. This is something that is very difficult for a person to take away. Doriforii - Persian Serdar in front of the Sun, scout, morning star, spearman, "clears the way", stimulates the development of personality, a planet rising just before sunrise. Planet Doriforii shows, through which the functions of the planet manifested creative and spiritual potential, what is the direction of development and self-expression of the individual. Sometimes it is such a planet that determines the theme of a person's psychological complexes.

Dorifory in natal charts was used as one of the main significators of activity, to which the native is naturally inclined. In particular, it was used in career counseling. In the modern world, this value of Doriphoria is leveled. The possibility and often the need of a repeated change of profession throughout life, the need to be socially in demand more than realizing natural inclinations, has led to the fact that modern astrology takes Doriforium into account only as an auxiliary factor in relation to the significators of the house. Many modern authors do not take into account the Squire Doriforium as a special factor in the natal chart.

Also, Dorifory is considered in modern karmic and esoteric astrology. In this vein, he is often credited with the first natural way of responding to new circumstances, in fact, a way of interacting with new experiences before realizing it. This is a planet of creative spontaneous combustion and the greatest risk. Corridor of mirrors - two signs of the Zodiac without planets empty signs , facing each other. The sign is empty - it is a magic sign, with which you can change your life, up to complete sterilization of bad processes.

To merit Corridor of mirrors means to have a direct connection with the sky. If an empty sign with a filled opposite appears only in extreme situations, the Corridor of mirrors can always appear when a person does not become attached to it. It is believed that if there are mirrors in the cosmogram of the Corridor, a person can clean up many of the problems of his life with a simple prayer. The main thing is to be in the natural process of life, and then there may be an additional way out, unavailable for the desecration of Angra Manyu. The absence of planets provides an excellent opportunity to correct fate.

A person can erase through the signs of the Corridor of mirrors all his criminal past, and if necessary, then the whole biography. The corridor of mirrors can serve as an emergency exit in any life situation. A person who does not have a Corridor of mirrors does not have an "emergency" exit. His life can be filled with vanity in all directions, and with all he has to cope on his own. Radix is a horoscope of birth or a horoscope of birth, or the so-called natal horoscope natal chart compiled at the time of birth of the cardholder.

Vertex VX and strictly opposite Antivertex AVX are the points of intersection of the ecliptic with another plane of the horizontal system namely, with the first vertical. That is, Antivertex is that point of the ecliptic, which is strictly in the East from the place of birth, and Vertex is the point that is strictly in the West.

Azimuth is the angle measured along the horizon from the north point in the direction north-east-south-west. Aspect - in the horoscope the distance between two or more planets or elements in degrees. Aspects are divided into main connection, trine, sextile, opposition, square and small quinquinx, seven-square, sesquiquade, seven-sextile. Studying aspects in the birth chart is an important part of the interpretation of the horoscope. Astrology - in the translation from Greek - the science of the stars. Art and science, studying celestial bodies and their cyclic movement, and also establishing their influence on the character of a person, his behavior, life experience and events.

Astrology of the signs of the sun. This term denotes an astrology, which considers only the signs of the Sun. Daily newspaper horoscopes and many popular books are based solely on the signs of the Sun. The astronomical unit is the magnitude of the major semi-axis of the earth's orbit around the Sun. Astronomical latitude is the angle between the astronomical zenith and the plane of the equator.

The astronomical yearbook is a collection of tables that predicts the positions of the stars and the circumstances of astronomical phenomena. Astropsychology is part of natal astrology. An astropsychologist is able to give a correct assessment of one or another manifestation of a person and recommend in which direction a person should develop. Ascendant is the rising degree in the eastern part of the horoscope, the cusp of the I field, one of the most important points in the old periodicals it is often called the "horoscope". Ascendant Ascending Sign The sign of the zodiac that rises on the eastern horizon at the moment of the birth of a person, as well as the exact angular position of this sign at the time of birth and the dot on the birth chart corresponding to the top of the first house.

Ascendant characterizes the person's external approach to life. The planets in the birth chart on the line of the ascendant or near it reflect the strength and energy of the human ego. Business astrology allows you to answer many questions concerning business: the opening of a firm, the conclusion of contracts, loans, the dispatch of a consignment of goods, the type of business most successful for a particular firm, which countries best cooperate, team selection, appointments, activity, in which direction to move in an unfavorable for the development of business time and much more.

Gemini - the third sign of the zodiac, in which the Sun is annually from about May 21 to June Twins belong to the elements of the air and are a mutable sign. The symbol of the sign is Gemini, Mercury controls it. Those born under this sign are endowed with intelligence, versatility, and a talent for communication. The Big Dipper is a well-known, most noticeable constellation in the northern hemisphere of the sky. The Greeks associated with the myth of the nymph Callisto, the mistress of Zeus, whom his jealous wife Hera turned to Medveditsa, like her friend the Little Bear.

Callisto - the bear was almost killed by her own son, but Zeus intervened and transferred both of the bears to sky. According to Ptolemy, the constellation stars act like Mars, and the nebula beneath its tail is like the Moon and Venus. The major axis is the largest diameter of the ellipse passing through both the focus and the center. The big cross is a rare combination of aspects in a horoscope, in which two pairs of planets, in opposition to each other, simultaneously form squares.

In this case, a cross appears in the birth chart. Composed of four squares and two oppositions, the Great Cross can be an unfavorable configuration, indicating the obsession and poor adaptability of the individual. However, he also points to energy, frenzy and spiritual strength. The Great Cross is often present in the horoscopes of people who have succeeded without assistance. A large circle is any circle on the surface of a sphere whose center coincides with the center of the sphere.

The big trine is an unusual combination of aspects in a horoscope, in which three planets are in the trine with respect to each other that is, at a distance of degrees.

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In this case, a triangle is formed in the map. Since a large trine strongly accentuates some one element, for example, fire or water, it indicates an imbalance in the map.

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However, trine is a very favorable aspect; a big trine means a huge creativity or energy, it usually indicates that a person is accompanied by luck or success. Fast ascents signs are signs of the Zodiac, the time of their sunrise takes less than two hours. Venus belongs to the classical five planets. The brightest of the planets after the Sun and the Moon.

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