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Check out your horoscope from the link in the bio NOW or go to Betches. Table of contents. Stares Unreadable Wants to inform you of everything Gemini: Deceptively shy Easily distracted May be plotting your death Cancer: Crab apple Loves you a lot but sometimes way too much Signature awkwardness Leo: Says the most outlandish things Loves sex or just not wearing clothes Actually a kitten who wants love Virgo: Loves movies Meticulous Sooooo critical Libra: Has word vomit bc observant af Indifferent to most things Always gets things done Aquarius: Signs when they catch you staring.

When he's cute, has a job, goes to the gym, dick pics are A1, shows interest in you but yall zodiac signs are incompatible Anaconda, Bailey Jay, and Christmas: Sfete aqittarius ofats Serving per container: Dinosaur, Memes, and Zodiac: Bitch, Gym, and Help: Bitch, Tumblr, and Blog: I know you can relateā€¦. Mean, Nature, and Sagittarius: Life, Horoscope, and Link: When my life turns out exactly how my horoscope predicted betches etches. They will love you until he end of time.

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