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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse!!!

The coming Solar Eclipse in Capricorn in January will be the last one involving Cancer or Capricorn energy, thus completing a sequence that began in July We'll finish shutting down old public and professional energies in the years during which the coming Solar Eclipse is an influence. The last lunar eclipse of is especially well placed for observers throughout North America At the instant of greatest eclipse UT the Moon lies near the zenith for observers in southern California and Baja Mexico.

At this time, the umbral magnitude peaks at 1. In contrast, the Moon's northern limb lies 8. Thus, the southern half of the Moon will appear much darker than the northern half because it lies deeper in the umbra.

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Since the Moon samples a large range of umbral depths during totality, its appearance will change dramatically with time. The Umbral duration is 72 minutes, while the total Penumbral duration is 5 hours 35 minutes. This implies that its effects will be felt through mid-June Also from the NASA site, we are told that. The entire event is visible from North America and western South America. Observers along South America's east coast miss the late stages of the eclipse because they occur after moonset. Likewise much of Europe and Africa experience moonset while the eclipse is in progress.

Only northern Scandinavians can catch the entire event from Europe. For observers in eastern Asia the Moon rises in eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse will begin a several month "shut down" in the houses it occupies in our charts. Given that it happens during a Mercury retrograde, you can bet there will be returns from the past, reconnections between people and circumstances, and new insights into old ideas.

Since Mercury still forms a square to Jupiter, it marks the culmination of the old Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces era through showing us new insights in how we may need to adjust the ways we coordinate our truth with our compassion and our willingness to forgive as we move into newer, unknown zones of life. So whatever has been jarred loose recently is going to continue to yield valuable insights and information which will lead to ideas and information about the essence of things, where we can strive toward distant possibilities. It also will give us new information about recent developments leading us into a larger form of world or local service, helping us refine our individual expression and function.

We'll see what we need to release or demonstrate associated with this Lunar Eclipse as prelude to other endings to come in future eclipses involving Gemini and Sagittarius coming this Summer.

On a related note, this begins a clearance that anticipates the bigger, longer-term endings to be set into motion at the coming Solar Eclipse in January The space created can attract circumstances and people through which we can develop skills helping us deal with the wild ride of The Grand Irrationality.

As Venus is in the heart of the Scorpio zone of the Grand Irrationality in this eclipse but just separating from Neptune and Pluto, it indicates we've all just gone through major choices and forks in the road of our destinies. These have a major part in what will be shut down in our lives in the next few months. Though recent eclipses and the coming Solar Eclipse accent Cancer and Capricorn sectors, remember that elements of past Aquarius eclipses in will still be active for some time to come, due to Chiron and Neptune continuing to transit late Aquarius.

It may be useful to regard Jupiter's time in Aquarius in as having offered us greater teachings, protection, and possibilities associated with the Aquarian endings portended by those eclipses. All the occupied points from the past few Solar Eclipses will factor into the intense Aquarian changes and manifestations occurring over the next few years. After you're done here, if you want to go deeper into understanding the Eclipse effects you may or may have known were happening, please re-visit what I wrote about the and Aquarius eclipses in the archives.

It is sure to affect dynamic changes to those with an Ascendant or planets around degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Eclipse season what energies will they bring? - WeMystic

However, it will also provide harmony, understanding, and stability to those with planets in the same degrees of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, as well as unique gifts or circumstances for those with sensitive points at Leo and Aquarius and Aries and Libra. Those with an Ascendant or planets in the second decan of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will also be heavily affected in both productive and frictional ways due to the Mars square Saturn in this eclipse.

For most of us, the challenge will be to make what is potential actual while retiring from old duties, responsibilities, and limitations in order to balance our lives. Of course, I'll explain more in parts 2 and 3. On a final note for today, recently I saw something circulating on the Internet that purports that this Lunar Eclipse is one that will be Earth transforming and is the "true event" that so far has been speculated for Dec 21, Here I'll state for the record that this Lunar Eclipse will not usher in "the end of the world as we know it," and in fact will bring us blessings and a whole new set of higher standards we can live.

The Earth will not experience a Polar Shift, the Sun will not blast us into the 4th dimension, and I doubt there will be any more earthquakes than usual! Relax into the blessings this Eclipse promises, and I'll see you here soon with a lot more! December 19, Permalink. I enjoyed the post, Robert.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

I thought it was very well done, except for a couple "minor' things. They run from 0 - 29d 59s. The eclipse does, however, fall in the 30th degree of the sign the 30th degree runs from 29deg 00min - 29deg 59min of any given sign. As I said, I know I'm being nit-picky, but other than those monir errors I truly did enjoy the article.

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. This is very helpful! Thank you for making the spin so positive.

Eclipse season 2020: what energies will they bring?

I am very grateful to hear about the blessings and will tell everyone I know to focus on that! Merry Christmas Robert, you are such a part of my life. Every morning I check in to see what you have to say, and it sets the tone for my day. Jai Bhagwan, dear teacher. Hi Todd - I don't use "th" behind degree numbers as that's my writing style for the sake of speed in composition.

I figure after many years and thousands of pages of articles my readers are hip to that. I often just use 9 or 21 or 30 whatever sign but occasionally readers don't know what that means, so I include the word "degrees. That's why I use "30 degrees" as I assume by now my readers know that means the "30th degree. When we are born through our first birthday we are not known as "1 year old. We are then one year old until we complete our second year, when we are called "two years old. Hi Jorge - Einstein, a good Pisces if ever there was one, was spot on with that thought! Of course the task is to separate out what is truly "intuitive" from the many astral "hunches" we have that often lead us into the proverbial ditch.

Intuition is always of the heart, aka "inner knowing," rather than from feelings which sometimes are unreliable. Hi Sue Moon - Well, back in ancient days when I first started studying the craft, eclipses were known to be very dreadful things. But if we approach them as Lunations of a special sort, then their possible manifestations are stripped of the glamor of childish nightmares and we can see them as periods when the "cosmic recycler" takes our recyclables to the processing plant and we no longer have to have them cluttering our lives.

Given that we cannot lose what we need to live, then the only things that are taken away are elements of our past we no longer need. Aum and blessings to you. May Divine Mother bring everyone what they need for health, abundance, and true happiness, knowing we all are safely held within Her Supreme protection and nurture. Posted by: Robert December 20, at AM.

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The moon passes west to east right to left across the Earth's umbral shadow, shown in hourly intervals. This Lunar eclipse-related article is a stub.